Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank you to my dear friends and family who give my life meaning! I named my blog, Simply Joyful, for a reason. In the scriptures we read that men are that they might have joy! I started this blog after a period in my life where I certainly was not in joy. In fact, I found myself in so much pain, darkness and depression that I didn't know how to get out. Lucky for me, my husband (who is my hero) got me the help that could put me on a path to healing. I believe that there is opposition in all things. I'm not always crazy about that principle, but I trust that God knows better than I do. I've always loved and longed for spiritual things and experiences. I just didn't understand that by going on this path to the extent that I did, I would come face to face with darkness, which nearly destroyed me.

Today I feel joy! I feel peace! I feel gratitude! One of the reasons I have these feelings is for unbelievable family and friends who witnessed me falling from my path and stepped in with love to help guide me back. I have family and friends that dropped everything they were doing and spent time with me to lovingly point me to the right direction. There were others that met the needs of my children and family when I was incapable of doing so. I've been surrounded by angels on both sides of the veil.

Losing Olivia was the catalyst in my life to truly wake up! I wouldn't have every day with my children. I needed to make sure my priorities were in the right place. Too often I forget or get busy and get a different wake up call. Being a mother is working in partnership with God, and he can make anything beautiful!

I was writing my son Christian recently who is serving a mission for our church in Chile. I included a quote in my letter from a book that states:

"Man has learned to do magnificent thingsbuild pyramids, construct bridges, erect towering office buildings, lay down highways. But as man builds, nature immediately begins to undo his work, rusting away the iron and decaying the wood. On the other hand, if man plants, nature proceeds to complete his unfinished work. Man sows a seed; up comes wheat. Man plants a sapling; up comes a tree. Such is the difference between working alone and working with God."

I would rather build with God than on my own any day!
I feel gratitude to my Father in Heaven, for stepping in and creating beauty from ashes in my life. These are a few of the flowers in my garden today! I love planting flowers and creating beautiful gardens! He is the author of beauty! When I look out into my garden I feel grateful that He has helped me create and see the beauty around me. Thank you my dear family and friends for your sunshine and influence in my life!

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  1. Hi Stacy,

    What a beautiful blog. You are such an amazing woman,always have been always will. I am so blessed to have you for a sister... wish i could spend more time with you. Love you! xoxo