Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 Steps to Vibrant Living Course

  Eventbrite - 7 Steps to Vibrant Living Course  

7 Steps to Vibrant Living
Move from Barriers to Breakthroughs!

Come be a part of a fun, interactive and transformational course designed to accelerate positive results in your life.....
Body ~ Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul

Are you feeling stuck?  What is your energy level?  How are your relationships with yourself, your Higher Power, family, friends and food?  Are you getting the positive results in your life and enjoying the fruits of your labors?

Join me for a 7 week Educational course starting September 8!

Conference calls on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Mountain Time (calls will be recorded)

 -Weekly Calls, Facebook Forum, Weekly Videos, Reading Assignments, Weekly Action Items

The structure of the course is symbolically represented by a fruit tree.

First, we focus on nourishing our roots – body, heart, mind and soul on a daily basis.  Second, the trunk symbolizes systems, structure and support in our lives (am/pm routines, daily/weekly schedules, effortless and healthy meal planning and preparation, etc.).  Third, the branches represent living your life with passion and purpose.  Fourth, the fruit represents your gifts, mission and offering to the world.  A tree doesn’t produce fruit unless it is properly nourished, and neither do we. 
The course is just scratching the surface of the thousands of hours and dollars Stacy has invested in her own education and healing, but you’ll come away with several valuable takeaways:

Take a brief inventory of your life and rank where you are from 0-10 in 8 key areas.
  1.  Identify the Stumbling Blocks in your life that are keeping you from progressing and then find solutions to transform them into Stepping Stones.
  2. Body:  Discover 5 keys that will transform your health and do them DAILY. 
  3. Heart:  Clear the emotional blocks and negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  You’ll learn a tool that you can use daily that will help you keep an open and loving heart. 
  4. Mind:  Reprogram your mind through affirmations, dream board, life vision, and focus.  You’ll come away with your own personal Power Declarations to combat any negative voices you hear, believe or tell yourself.
  5. Soul:  Tap into the limitless power of your Higher Source – these tools with transform every aspect of your life.  Learn how to slow down, meditate, listen and journal to actually accelerate your life in every other area.
  6. Systems:  Create an AM/PM routine to book end your days.  Make sure your most important values are represented in the daily, weekly systems you set up for yourself.
  7. Purpose and Passion:  Learn the steps to identify your purpose and passion.  Often times it is our PAIN that propels us to find our PURPOSE.
  8. How do we share our gifts, mission and purpose with others?  What are the consequences when we don’t share?  Learn the KEY to moving forward and progressing in life!


The 7 Steps to Vibrant Living class was AMAZING - a true life changer!! I loved every session. I am definitely a better person because of this class. I am much better at getting up in the morning and have a positive, productive morning routine which starts my day off right. I am watching my thoughts more and keeping the negative ones out as much as I can. I really feel like a better person because of Stacy and what I learned in her class. I have listened to the recordings of her classes multiple times and they are always the pick me up I need. I also LOVE having her book and have referenced it MANY times. Stacy is truly a lighthouse helping others find their way, becoming their best selves along the path.
 -Valerie Vincent Evans

This program is life changing.  It really helps to break into baby steps the things you can do to take control of your life and feel increased peace and serenity.  Stacy is a wonderful mentor and has a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience that equip her to motivate and inspire women to discover who they are and be their best selves!
-Melanie Connell

I had been struggling for years to put my life in order.  I have felt a lot of stress and confusion as I tried to know what to do first and in what order to pursue healing in my life.  I felt like I was always running around, using all my energy, and still not making any noticeable progress.  I was very frustrated and worn down.  This program came into my life at the perfect time for me.  Looking at my life in the symbolism of a tree helped me to put things in order and know where to focus my energy.  One of the most powerful aspects for me was learning how to nourish my mind.  I never thought that taking care of the thoughts I believed would change my whole life for the better.  This program has changed my life in beautiful ways.  I feel so much more whole and peaceful.  What a blessing Stacy and her mentoring has been in my life.
- Christine Isom

This program came into my life at exactly the right moment.  I was so ready to take the steps Stacy outlined.  I felt a loving bond and admiration for all the women in my group. Stacy led the group with grace and charm.  I am so excited to continue on the path the program has set out so clearly for me.
-Kerry Smitheram

Stacy is a caring, inspiring coach and mentor.  Because she lives what she teaches, she has moral authority.  Filling you with ideas and clarity, you are in the driver's seat and have the wheel, yet she is there to support your life's journey.  I appreciate the growth I made with this program.  It truly was a break through process for me.  Giving me tools and a plan, organizing it into a lifestyle, and making it easy to implement, it helped me to progress forward with passion and healthy systems.  I became clear on what I really wanted and became a better me, wife, and mother because of it.  Thank you!
-Debbie Warner

Stacy Larsen Harmer is my sister by birth, my mentor and dearest friend by choice.  She has walked a path few are required to walk.  These experiences could have crushed her.  Instead, she has triumphed; becoming the beautiful, refined, knowledgeable woman she is today.  Stacy is a perpetual student - continually learning, always growing and ever willing to share what she has learned.  Her wisdom, empathy and understanding bless my life on a daily basis.  Finding balance in life is such a challenge.  Stacy has lovingly and gently influenced me, helping me break through personal roadblocks and issues to become the woman I am striving to be.  Her ability to connect with the "whole person" - body, heart, mind and soul - is intuitive and powerful.  If you'll let them, Stacy's insights, visual anchors, and concrete suggestions will change your life
.-Collette Larsen

I am so grateful to have met you Stacy.  What an amazing mind and heart you have. You have an incredible connection into the lives of other people.  Your level of understanding and comprehension of life is astounding!  I am amazed at your ability to teach, lead and inspire people.  It seems as though whoever gets close to you is blessed by your wisdom and love that you have for them.  I know that my life has improved since meeting you.  You have caused me to live more with purpose and with passion.  I am impressed with the path that you are on and I hope......I hope that more people will see what you have found.  It is truly a blessing and gift that you offer to everyone that connects with you.  Thank you for influencing me, which influenced my family and which assists me to influence others for good.  I have risen to new heights because of your direct influence.  Thank you! :)
-Kirk Duncan, President 3 Key Elements

Eventbrite - 7 Steps to Vibrant Living Course