Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Olivia's Gift - 14 Day Challenge to Find JOY Now!

My heart has been very tender over the past couple days as we have contemplated and mourned the passing of a beautiful, compassionate, warm and talented individual, Robin Williams.  It came as a shock.  How could someone that has brought so much joy, laughter and happiness to so many be suffering so deeply inside that to him his only relief to his bondage and pain was to escape this life.  How many people are suffering in silence or behind their masked faces?  I feel compelled to speak out.  It is certainly easier, more comfortable and safer to hold back and not share, but I know my life purpose and passion – that is to help the down trodden, lift the hands, heads and hearts that hang low and to provide encouragement, inspiration and support to those that may be suffering.  Why do I feel so deeply about this subject?   Because I have been there.  My life path took a sharp turn in the road several years ago.  Most people on the outside see me as very positive, upbeat and optimistic.  My children even tease me about it and occasionally make fun of me for it – saying I remind them of that super healthy, happy guy on Parks and Rec.  J  I must say that I do strive daily to be in a happy and in a positive place, but that is because I know too well how easy it is to slide down to a path of darkness, pain and despair.  My own journey is unique to me, but the path is all too common in the lives of so many around us. 

A couple of years following my sweet Olivia’s unexpected passing, I found myself spiraling downward to a deep, clinical depression.  That was a dark, desperate and difficult time in my life, and today I am lucky to have my life back – thanks to some very special people that dropped everything in their lives to get me the help and intervention that I needed.  I know where the true source of healing comes from - the Giver of all unspeakable and beautiful gifts and Infinite Light - our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Once I regained some of my strength back and developed a type of relationship with Him that I didn't even know was possible in this life, I understood at a new level that He could heal our lives over and over again - no matter how much pain we are holding, or how many mistakes we continually make or how many burdens we might be carrying, He can always turn ashes into beauty - without fail!!  I gave everything I had for several years to study, learn and apply the principles of living a surrendered, whole, happy, healthy and passionate life. 

Olivia would have turned 14 this coming Saturday, August 16, 2014.  I've decided that my gift to her this year is to reach out to others that are hurting or struggling or may have loved ones that are struggling, feel depressed or hopeless. 

 My intention is that through my story and steps that I've discovered, you’ll be able to have daily, practical tools to nourish your body, heart, mind and soul  to use for yourself or share with others.   Beginning on Olivia’s birthday - August 16, for 14 days, I’ll share a piece of my journey and a step of the formula  (which I call the 7 Steps to Vibrant Living) that I discovered along with a practical tool or exercise to reinforce the principle- you'll receive it by email.  

Are you in?  14 Days to Find Joy Now!  Best of all - it's FREE and from the comfort of your home!  A great way to begin the new school year and be armed with some practical tools to bring greater JOY to your life and the life of your family.  

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