Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monica's gift to Elder Harmer

What an amazing journey we had to the beautiful country of Australia! Jordan, or Elder Harmer, as everyone there affectionately called him, was serving in the Melbourne Mission - Chinese speaking (most of the time). From the moment he opened his call, I wanted to be able to go pick him up at the conclusion of his mission. I didn't know if it would be possible, but low and behold, the power of desire, attraction, killer airfares, and a sweet and supportive husband made the dream come true.

I won't make this a travel log but will post some fun pictures that share part of our journey. Aubrey, my sweet 16 year old daughter, and I had a fabulous experience. After she and I spent several days touring the city and outskirts of Melbourne, we finally met up with Jordan. The anticipation and excitement was very high. What a sweet experience that was to finally reconnect with my son!
The next 2 days were filled with 2 baptisms, attending 3 different wards, one fireside, dinner at the President and Sister Lindley's home and meeting lots of wonderful missionaries, recent converts, and ward members. It was humbling to see the love and gratitude shared by all of these wonderful people.

Monica, a Chinese student and recent convert that Elder Harmer and Elder Teng baptized, ran up to him at the end of the church meeting. She said that she hadn't realized he was leaving or she would have brought a gift for him. Instead, she said that she would like to give him a gift of sharing her testimony. She stood there in the foyer and humbly and confidently bore testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. She shared her love for Him, the Atonement and His Gospel. She concluded her testimony in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. Elder Harmer told her that was the best gift that anyone could have given him.
As I stood and witnessed such a tender and sweet exchange of a life altering gift that she had been given as well as her gratitude and confidence in sharing with him her knowledge and testimony, I was touched. I was deeply moved by the grace and confidence of bearing her testimony in the midst of crowds of people in the foyer. This was a priceless moment as a mother to witness. I felt the gratitude for my son's service, for a willing recipient's heart and the power of Christ to change lives, which will now bless the life of Monica and future generations.

I hope to be so humble and confident in sharing my gratitude for my Savior and His love, grace and mercy in my life.


  1. What a great series of pictures... you and Aubrey look more like sisters than mother/daughter. What an incredible memory you've created for the three of you... It was fun to see pictures of places we had been to in Melbourne... I miss that great place...

  2. Wow, that experience makes me want to take a trip to get our boy in a year.

  3. What a wonderful trip and an awesome farewell gift! Please give Jordan a hug for me. I think that's okay now that's he's home.

  4. Derek, you and along with everyone in Melbourne think that we look like sisters. They all said my mom looks very young :) Thanks for the trip of a lifetime mom. <3

  5. What a great post...brought back wonderful memories of our time in Oz. One of our favorite things to do there was find missionaries and talk to them. Jordan looks so mature and so happy, we can't wait to see him again and hear some of his incredible stories. You and Aubrey are both radiating!! Love you all so much, thanks for sharing!!