Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love.....Without Conditions

I woke up few days ago and felt an urgency to talk with my brother, Randy. He had just returned from Brazil where he does a great deal of business and shares immense love to the impoverished children and families there through his company and He had not been feeling well. Could he see me on such short notice? Certainly he has a busy schedule as a top executive of a billion dollar company, but that never seems to deter him from opening his heart to whomever needs it.

I called him on the phone first thing in the morning and requested a personal visit. Even though he had out of town guests and a busy schedule, he told me he would see me as soon as I could get to his office.

As I arrived and was escorted to the executive floor of Monavie, he had 3 people standing at his office door waiting to see him for an apparently important scheduled meeting. They looked at me and asked if I was also there to see Randy. Yes, I told them. Moments later when Randy arrived, I told him I could wait until after his meeting, and he said NO! He postponed his important scheduled meetings until we were done visiting, which was over an hour later.

He looked tired. He had been faced with some health and family challenges, but sat down with me on his beautiful leather couch and opened his heart and mind and allowed me to share mine.

First of all, I thanked him for his unconditional love and not judging me through my trials. I've personally faced an incredibly difficult past 3 years. His response struck so deeply in my soul, and I knew that he KNEW it with all of his heart. He said, "Stacy, I believe that is the only kind of love there is." Love.....without any conditions.

It has taken me a long time to learn some very important lessons through my own tests, trials, temptations and tribulations. When I hit rock bottom and had lost all hope, I realized that no one has a right to judge another person. My heart hurt for the times that I had judged others because they didn't fit into my mold or meet my expectations. When I failed to meet up to my own expectations, instead of forgiving myself and believing Christ would be merciful, I sunk into a deep dark hole. That was another time that Randy taught me about love.

At our family reunion last year, I wasn't doing well physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. My 9 siblings, mother (dad was asleep :), and husband gathered to listen and provide me with strength as I opened my heart to share my pain and burdens. After many tears and heartache, my brother Randy spoke up. Stacy, we can't know and understand all of the experiences you've gone through, but we can express our love to you. Then he asked everyone to go around in the circle and share their love. I sat there sobbing because at that time, I absolutely didn't love myself, but I felt a glimmer of hope and was strengthened.

I have an amazing family that I've learned much from. Thank you Randy for opening your heart, putting aside yourself and your own demands, for listening, and modeling for me how to love. For without love, we are nothing. I love you. (Randy is far left of photo).


  1. I think part of why you are such an amazing and beautiful person is because of this great family you have come from!! What a wonderful heritage and support!! I know your children will see you and your family as a great legacy as they grow and become -- I also inspires me to actually use those bottles of Monavie that I have. The green stuff kind of put me off ;P

  2. Dear Stacy -

    Rarely have I felt as much love as I did in that tiny room as we gathered as siblings last year at our reunion. It's such a blessing to know that even though we live and travel all over the world, when we really need each other, we're willing to drop everything and gather to support one another. I don't know or really understand why you've had to endure all you've been through the past couple of years...but maybe one reason was to pull us all together once again and to remind us that within our family there is strenth, love and support that is truly rare in the world today. I love you, Stacy.


  3. I am just one of many "friends" that has missed visiting and laughing with you. I hope that though we are wacky... we can be a part of the joy in your life again. We still try to get together and have lunch and catch up. It would be fun if you could join us one of these times.

  4. Dear Stacy,
    Thank you for sharing that experience. I am so inspired by the love that exists between the brothers and sisters in the Larsen family. I know a lot of wonderful families but I've never seen one that has the same bonds that you share with your brothers and sisters. I am so grateful my mom has all of you in her life. My mom adores you and I do too! Love, Chelsea